A Late Night Visit From Gammie & Daddy Cool

This evening, while we were putting up the Christmas tree, Gabriella fell off a chair and hit her head on a bookshelf. She opened up an inch wide gap in the back of her head. After a couple of phone calls, Gammie and Daddy Cool were on the way to our house and Nona and Papa were on the way to Saint Francis ER to meet us. Gammie and Daddy Cool arrived at the house to stay with Olivia, and we were off the hospital.

Gabriella was unbelievably brave. She barely cried and she acted like nothing was wrong in the waiting room of the ER. So much so that it took us LONGER to see a doctor because she was so happy and playful.

At one point, Nona and Daddy tried to complain about the wait and the fact that Gabriella was only two years old. The plot was foiled when, during our conversation with the people at the desk, Gabriella stood up in her chair across the room and yelled, “Hi Daddy!” “Is that her,” said the lady at the desk…

While we waited, Gabriella drank her entire sippy cup of water. We got a bottle of water from the vending machine and she started in on that one too. After almost three hours, we finally got to go back to a room. Gabriella was bored, and tired and in pain. It was close to 1:00AM.

Nona came back to check on us and ended up staying with us to help entertain Gabriella. After another hour, they finally got down to business and put the staples in. Gabriella ended up getting four. She was perfectly still, just holding on to daddy, with her face nuzzled in to his shoulder. The doctor said that she had never seen any child stay as still as Gabriella did.

We finally got to leave the hospital around 3:15AM. Nona and Papa headed home and we went back to the house. Gabriella was excited to see Gammie and Daddy Cool and Olivia too. Olivia was very content in Gammie arms, but was happy and ready for something to eat, as soon as she saw her Mama.

After Daddy Cool inspected the staples and Gabriella ate some sugar cookies (we promised her she could have all she wanted), everyone was ready to go to sleep. It was amazing how Gabriella handled her first major accident. She was quite a trooper.

Gammie, with a content Olivia:

Daddy Cool checks out the hardware:

One, Two, Three and Four:

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  1. Kasey Says:

    Gabriella you sure were brave, I am very scared when I go to the Emergency room. I love you

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