Olivia’s Big Day Out

Olivia had a big day out today. Nona came over in the afternoon to stay with Gabriella, while Mama and Olivia went to the Salon to get Mama’s hair all fixed up. All the girls there were excited to see her. She just slept away, until the first clip of Mama’s hair fell. She woke up and started screaming right on queue.

After they finished at the salon, Mama and Olivia met daddy at Table 10 for a quick appetizer. Mama and daddy’s friend Brooke was there this afternoon. She and her family just took over the restaurant and she was very excited to see us walk in the door. Since it was early in the afternoon, there was no one there and she got to sit with us and enjoy Olivia while we ate. We ate and made it home. Papa had come over to the house to take over for Nona, while she went to the doctor, so he was there when we got home. Gabriella was happy to see Mama, daddy and baby sister.

It’s been a long time since we had our regular Friday night with Aunt Jenny and Nate, but tonight we got it started back up. The guys picked up pizza and we hung out at the house and played with Gabriella and took turns holding Olivia.

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