Olivia’s Room Is Ready

Today was more of the same. The final pieces of Gabriella’s new furniture came in today, so we were able to move the crib out of her room and get Olivia’s room set up. We took the queen bed out that had been there for the grandparents to sleep on during the delivery and first few days after. We got the crib set up and Olivia’s new crib set put in it. Papa’s outstanding paint job in both girls rooms and the bathroom really make both girls’ rooms look great.

Olivia got lots of love today, with visits and long, craddled in the arm sessions from Nona this afternoon, and Gammie and Aunt Stephie tonight. Aunt Stephie brought over with dinner again. She made enchilada casserole that was incredible. She also brough salad and dessert. Aunt Stephie held Olivia while we ate. Gammie played with Gabriella a little bit, but Gabriella was being very shy and acted very tired and whiney tonight. She’s definitely not herself.

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