Hooray! We were worried this week, that we may not be able to get out of the house and make it downtown to see The Doodlebops. We’ve had the tickets for quite a while and Gabriella is very excited. We trudged through the 1/2 snowy roads and made it to the show. We even made it on time. Mama had Gabriella and Olivia both all dressed up and looking adorable, ready for their big night out on the town. Gabriella stood on her chair or daddy’s chair the whole time. She sang and danced and clapped. We all had lots of fun.

The Doodlebops:

Mama and Olivia:

Gabriella and Daddy:

Yay Doodlebops:

Daddy and Gabriella:

Our neighbors took this one:

Gabriella… A little into the show maybe?

Doodlebops, driving off stage:

Gabriella during intermission, still wide-eyed and excited:

Mama and Olivia:

Gabriella – Trying to pose, yet still watch the show. Hillarious!

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